Naturism is alive and well in Hawaii!

Pictured above are 1000 words on our club.

The Oahu Sun Club admittedly is not a family club but it promotes non-sexual naturism, pool parties and an annual cruise.

Personally, I’ve not met enough naturist families to justify a family nudist club, but there are some individuals interested in promoting such events. The community being what it is, may disagree. Is there anyone out here willing to take that chance? I don’t know. I admit I do miss the family environment.

Going on this cruise was very enlightening for me. I’ve seen skinnydippers along the beach before, but this was the first time with so many people. Most nude beaches I’ve been to have a small population, mostly older Caucasian men. Not so with this club. And the diversity was beautiful. It just occurred to me, I hadn’t really experienced it like this before, and my life is all the richer for it.Oahu Sun Club

Enough with the overrating of Marvel films!

I didn’t grow up with Marvel Comics. I was a DC fan because their characters were more iconic. It was their larger-than-life qualities that inspired me when I was young. I avoided Marvel not because of the quality of their comics, but because of the arrogant, holier-than-thou attitudes of Marvel Comics fans, which dominated fandom in Hawaii.

Flash forward 20 years later, and Marvel Comics has dominated the movie scene, directed by A-List directors whose other films I loved. And I started getting into Marvel . . finally. I also give credit to Robert Downey, Jr. and John Favreau whose improvisational techniques brought new innovation to the genre.

I became a fan of the X-Men films, yes, even the bad ones, and I started loving the new trilogy despite the fact that Havoc joined before Cyclops. I’m not attached to the characters enough to care about continuity.

And in recent years we have Deadpool and later Logan, and all of a sudden Marvel fans are lauding this era as a golden age of comic book cinema, as though this is the next “Citizen Kane” and “Casablanca.”

To quote my best friend in high school whenever I defended my DC favorites, “Bullshit.”

I grew up during the advent of Frank Miller’s “Dark Knight Returns” and the launch of DC’s Vertigo line. I’ve seen mature, well rounded characters and innovative, cinematic storytelling techniques devolve into dark, gritty, ultra-violent self-absorbed melodrama. And now I’m seeing the same in modern cinema, and I’m sick and tired of this overrating bullshit. I’ve read enough comics and criticism to know the difference.

I liked “Deadpool,” but all he did was make a bunch of clever wisecracks. These are what we call “parlor tricks,” not enough to make me believe it’s cinematic art.

When he finally offs the villain, I was totally unconvinced he “wouldn’t heal from that.” He didn’t bother explaining it, nor did he try to justify why he did it. You can argue, that was the point. It’s dark humor. Well, I’ve seen better. And it didn’t convince me he wasn’t any better than a super-villain, which he is a parody of in the first place.

As for Logan, another movie I liked and I happen to love dark violent movies. I applauded the scene where she rolls out the decapitated head of on of her would-be assassins. However, there was no character arc for this bad-ass little girl who from all the evidence in the film WAS A PERFECTLY HEALTHY GIRL. Albeit one proficient in defending herself with no qualms whatsoever. This is a strength, and could be a character flaw, but it wasn’t.

She begins the film as a nonverbal character, so you assume she has a form of autism, only to find out she was faking it the whole time. She had been trained to be a killer, but she shows compassion for her nanny and her father, Logan. So there’s clearly no inner conflict. When Logan confronts her about her killing, she replies, “They were bad people.”

And that’s it.

Logan claims she will be haunted by all the men she’d killed.

She never was. She saw no ghosts, heard no voices, nor did the idea that these bad Ravagers or Reavers, whatever, had families of their own. She does what she is trained to do, and the world, this cinematic universe, is better for it.

And on a side note, despite being Mexican, she and her other friends, who were raised in Mexico had no accents.

These friends of hers are supposed to be trained killers too, and that was realized brilliantly in the final battle, but then what? No one’s there to teach them any sort of humanity, so we are left to assume they have none when they are threatened. But they are a family within themselves, so that’s pretty much all they need.

As for Lara/X-23, sure she shows compassion to her father in his final scene (slight spoiler here), but she’s quoting a western she saw. So does she really mean it? We are led to believe she does, but she’s never had any problems expressing herself before.

And then there’s the red shirt deaths of major characters. I don’t even read X-Men, but I felt cheated seeing that.

Overall, it was a good film but not a great one. And I applaud the western take on the story, which felt like a “What If?” story, or “Elseworlds’ story. Something that needs to be done to show non-comic book readers we’re not all power fantasy nerds. We are creative power fantasy nerds.

I would like to compare these films to a DC Comics equivalent, but their films appear to be written by eighth boys who can’t read. Their animated films are good though, and I loved “The Judas Contract.”

I work in indie films, and once in a while I’ll encounter cinema snobs who won’t be caught dead watching a comic book movie. I read their reviews all the time. One even went so far to say that comic book movies are actually “dumbed up” from the source material, because no one can possibly take the funny pages seriously.

I hope that Marvel films will produce something that proves them wrong. But when fans don’t know the difference between gratuitous violence and strong character development, it doesn’t make me feel hopeful.






Adventures with the Sun Club

Being a naturist in Hawaii in the 21st century, I have experienced  a complete turnaround in my nudist attifude, because of one single factor.

There are girls here.

Give you a little bit of history. I used to run a nudist club called the Hawaii Skinnydippers in the 90s. Since then, I’ve been to Lupin, Laguna Del Sol, Terra Cotta, Glen Eden and Olive Dell. But those latter resorts were only a few day visits. And in my local clubs, I was the youngest male with only three other female members all over the age of 50. So I gave it up for a long time, because I simply didn’t belong there socially.

Until only recently, let’s say the past five years, I’ve maybe met about 7 female nudists between the ages of 18 and 25.  I’ve brought a date to naked parties twice. But since most female nudists are in regular office or retail jobs, not too many artists like myself, I never had much in common with them. So I never dated a nudist.

Then the Oahu Sun Club happened. The OAS is an 18+ club that hosts naked parties for adults only. Some nudists don’t agree with that, and have even refused to meet with me once they find out I attend their parties.

Their loss. At his club, I was surrounded by beautiful, artist/entreprenuerial types for the first time. It wasn’t difficult to adjust at first. Yes, we are expected to be respectful, and I always am. And the first couple of years, most of the girls there were simply too young for me.

Then, the crowd started to grow through the years, and so did the amount of  “beautiful people,” and by beautiful, I mean inside and out. And some were artists, actors, singers, show biz folks like myself. There were also entrepreneurs, self starters, the kind of people I admire.

But I’m basically a shy person, so I hold back a lot. I’m always respectful, always ask for consent before a simple hug. Though now, there’s an added layer of attraction. Of excitement, both physically and emotionally. And I didn’t know how to deal with these feelings, as it could get overwhelming.

It got me thinking, would things have been different if I were much younger, surrounded by beautiful nude women? My code of behavior wouldn’t change, but my feelings would be even stronger, and I’d be fighting back raging hormones and all kinds of conflicting emotions. I mean, I would be attracted to a naked girl’s body but not her personality? How do I deal with that?

The sad thing is, I’ve never had to until now, when I’m in my 40s. I’ve never been physically attracted to a nudist woman until the Sun Club. So this is a new dynamic I need to explore within myself. After all, this is an era of enlightened attitudes toward dating.

How do young nudist men deal with feelings.

And then I asked the millenial nudists their take on family naturism with all this in mind. Can these young men and women handle being around naturist children as well.

Some told me yes, but by and large many told me no. Many of these millennial nudists weren’t crazy about the idea of family naturism. And though I’ve been told the Sun Club is 18+ only for liability reasons, the truth is, every nudist in Hawaii is running scared of the idea of a family naturist club. We’re just too chicken to put it out there.

Nudists outside of Hawaii have told me that teen naturists are indoctrinated and trained to be respectful, and every single one of them told me that as teens they were left alone with another boy or girl, and nothing inappropriate ever happened.

Is this generation any different? I don’t know for sure, but from what I’ve observed at Olive Dell, the kids stick to their own crowd and any interactions with adults is very respectful. They may tease, but children and teens are well protected. And though there will be one or two troublemakers, they are quickly dealt with. I’ve heard of at least one girl who was banned at age 18, so there’s no free pass just cuz you’re some hormonal teen.

Given these factors, can we have a family naturist club in Hawaii, or do we stick to the adults only clubs which takes the teenage boy/girl factor out of the equation?

I hope Hawaii does produce a nudist entrepreneur willing to tackle this issue.


Jackie Claxton: ClaxtonFest

ClaxtonFest is a  Hawaii-based Transmedia Festival showcasing stories of a girl and her power of teleportation that fights evil forces and saves souls.

Created by Jeff Katts, “Jackie Claxton” is an open source character and filmmakers are invited every year to do their own take on the character.

The basic premise is the Jackie Claxton is a normal young woman (or teenage girl when she begins her career), chosen by the Archangel Scylencia to assist souls in need. She and her compadres Jalynn and Melinda are known as “Inciters.”

On the other end of the spectrum are the demonic “Inducers,” led by Cadence Sorenson and the demoness Helyssia. Adding more mayhem to the mix are the Five Furies, tricksters and/or succubi depending on the storyteller.

In “The Friendzone Demon,” Tyler Chang conjures the Fury Catolyn in order to share the pain he felt from all the women in his life putting him in the “friendzone.”

In an early draft, Chang compares the “Friend Zone” to the fictional “Phantom Zone” from Superman comics.

One is a endless void of infinite pain and suffering, cut off from the physical world and immersed in a gutwrenching, soulless journey into oblivion. The other is a fictional creation in a comic book.

Unbeknownst to him, sharing the pain of his “friendzone” has tragic consequences. All of his female friends end up killing their boyfriends in mid-coitus, then cutting off either their fingers or toes and shoving them up their asses.

Did Chang know this would happen? Does he care?

Like all men, he very likely did not. Men are extremely self-absorbed in their pursuit of intimacy, and often the pursuit of love masked as the pursuit of hot sex, of what they imagine a fantastic active sex life to be, because they see it from the outside. They have seen their friends grow and evolve as a result of their sexually active lives, and they can see the stagnation in their own sexless existence.

So should he blamed for his feelings? I think not.

It’s perfectly normal to feel anger, to feel rage, and when one finally acknowledges it’s their own inadequacies that prevent them from achieving their goals, it’s normal to want to lash out in anger.

But should he be blamed for his actions, even if he didn’t directly kill anyone?


That is a judgment an inducer like Jackie Claxton must make in this short film. But what does it mean to lose one’s soul? When one is beyond redemption?

ClaxtonFest plays on:

Thursday, September 29th, 2016
Ward Consolidated Theatre

Click this link to see a trailer for this short film.

7:00pm screening only
$15.00 admission / $12.00 (17 & under
Tickets are sold at the door
No pre-sale tickets

Micky’s Summer Resort set to premiere at Comic Con Honolulu

A Catholic schoolboy gets a dream job as a screener at a European-style resort. Unbeknownst to them, Micky Littleton harbors a supernatural secret. He can zap anyone he doesn’t like into an alternate dimension where they are comically tortured by their greatest fears, but when the resort decides to host an old-school beauty pageant, Micky soon learns that not all threats to this bohemian community come from the outside.

From the co-writer of “Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance” and “Jackie Claxton: Greener Pastures.”

Making its world premiere at Comic Con Honolulu, Friday night at 7:45 p.m. July 29, 2016.

So be sure to buy your passes. I will even arrange door prizes!

The road to this premiere was a long one, and it’s definitely not the end of the journey. Micky’s Summer Resort started production in 2007, shot mostly in Standard Def, a few months behind the HD revolution. It was a film that quickly became outdated because the humor drew heavily on the lack of young adult nudist groups.

During production, several young adult groups popped up, but dialogue had already been recorded. Still, by adding a title card setting the film in 2007 covers up this mistake which most non-nudists won’t pick up on.  This film is currently looking for distribution and there’s still room for professionals to get involved to take it up to that next level. Check out the film if in Hawaii, as Comic Con Honolulu boasts many celebrity guests.

There will be something for everyone, and if you watch this space, I may include info on our sci-fi panels as well, incuding comic books and Dr. Who!

This film is 18+ only.



“American Nudist: The Lost Journal” is in its second edition.  Many felt the tone was too judgmental, which it was. The book was originally written in the 90s after a disappointing attempt to organize a nudist club in Hawaii.

But things got better, and it can only get better with more exposure (pun intended) to more successful nudist clubs such as Swallows Sun Island and Olive Dell.

But the true happy ending of this story was inserted in the Nude Beach listing. Updated info on the current Oahu Sun Club is included, and though family naturism as a subculture is fairly non-existent in the islands, the naked party scene is alive and well.

This book is available on The ad above will link you back to my site.

Sorry, it’s a bad movie!

In 2010, I was involved in an indie film, “American Nudist.”  Because I wrote the book it was supposedly based on, and the first three drafts that were never filmed, I got all the blame when it bombed.

Let me rephrase that. It didn’t just bomb, it destroyed every professional relationship I had with the nudist organizations and was universally flamed, to the point of one naturist leader telling me I “needed to go back home where my Hollywood dreams will die a slow painful death.”

Was this review deserved?

Were all the bad reviews justified?
Again, yes.

Does this film need to be forgotten as an embarrassment to the art of cinema?
No. Not at all.

I will explain why, but first let me preface this by saying that I had no creative control over the film. I was only an actor. We shot the entire film in the director’s condo, as it was intended to be a simple film, based on Fellini’s “81/2” which became the basis of “Stardust Memories” and “All That Jazz,” the film is non-linear and often times abstract. This was our first mistake, because I was the only one who knew that nudists are just normal people and most of them have never seen an arthouse film, nor would they be interested in one.

So I will be very objective.

I had to insist on going down to Terra Cotta Inn at my expense to film some nudist material, including an interview with Tom Mulhall and an additional scene with Alicia Arden which never made the film because of sound problems.

But my opinion and my efforts didn’t matter. I was only an actor.

And here was the problem. As an actor, I excel at playing dysfunctional characters. I am great at playing failures, because if there’s one thing I’m good at is failing, then keep on failing.

And here was the problem. To do a Fellini-esque film, I would have needed to play a SUCCESSFUL filmmaker, and we needed to see his art. We never see the photos that my character Taylor Kong took and there were no scenes of movie premieres or art gallery openings which would have established him as a success.

Again, my fault. I didn’t have a fully realized character, and add to this a director who was more image oriented than actor oriented. You see this in his other films where there is emphasis on image over character drama. In every other film, it works. There is balance. But not in “American Nudist.”

Another problem is not having a lead actress willing to do nudity, so the “muse” character that was central to our storyline was drastically changed. But this could still have worked if we had more preparation and really explored the characters the way the director’s idols John Cassavetes and Henry Jaglom would have.

So is there anything to redeem this film. Yes, it is a nudist story, and in an industry that seeks to make fun of or exploit nudism for laughs or to body shame nudists, this film does none of that.

In fact, the one actress that plays a nudist, Alicia Arden, is an entrepreneur and a very well rounded character. The other actresses were playing models and you really get a sense of who they are and their comfort level with their bodies that you don’t get in mainstream films.  Admittedly, there should have been more conflict.

The nude models should have freaked when I tried to invite them to a nudist party. Or at least, one should have accused me of harassment. One should have accused me of being a pervert. All of these have happened to me, but we never got to explore this.

Had we more time and a production staff willing to make this film more structured and character driven, we would have had a proud film to add to Fellini’s legacy. But other nudist films took our place.

A modern nudist films like “Act Naturally” soon raised the bar on naturist storytelling, but is that film an honest depiction of the modern day realities and problems nudist face? Not so much. While I enjoyed the film, I felt it was too happy.

My experiences with naturism had its share of misery, loneliness and yes, persecution. I’ve lost potential girlfriends because I was a nudist, and worse, as a filmmaker in Hollywood I had no nudist peers when I started, so I was winging it. And though “American Nudist” only told ten percent of my true story, it at least told ten percent.

So though I can’t recommend anyone rent “American Nudist” or even watch more than a few scenes, I can endorse its production value, it’s lighting design, even its supporting cast who worked their asses off even if they didn’t quite know what they were doing.

Though the director was not a nudist, nor did he care about the nudist culture, he at least presented nudist characters, myself and Alicia Arden, as real people.

Most nudist screenplays I’ve read don’t really do that. In fact, most of them are just contrived allegorical tripe with no relevance to young millenials who are going skinny dipping for the first time, or to older nudists who long to hear the real stories that the mainstream media isn’t talking about. Why hasn’t anyone exposed Congressman Foley as the hypocrite that he is? Why don’t people know that most teenagers participate fully clothed, feel dragged along for the ride or feel just plain lonely?

We have one news story about the boy who stabbed a woman at Sunsport Gardens. I don’t see any fiction pieces based on it?

I encourage nudists to tell their stories, especially those who want to get into film, because Michael Bay is not going to knock on the door of your nudist club and film your life story. There are real platforms out there to get our voices heard, but I see nothing on crowdfunding sites to raise money for nudist films outside of my own.

There has been talk about “American Nudist” getting a sequel for quite some time. The director even wanted me to shoot new material.  I haven’t, though I think I should.

And I don’t want to rant. I want to offer a solution. I am available to hold writing seminars in any nudist resort for aspiring writers.  I am also willing to revise your scripts on my pacinv site on

Rest assured, no one in naturism has seen my actual work. My best scripts are still in my closet, but samples are available upon request. You can also catch “Samurai Cop 2” on Blue Ray. And I can pretty much guarantee that if you were to read my script, “Naked Places” the first thing you’d tell me is to stop working with the company that made “American Nudist.”

But you’d be sadly mistaken. “American Nudist” may have been a failed experiment, but our later films have benefitted from the risks we took and the process of filmmaking itself. I only regret that we sacrificed our relationship with the nudist community in order to do it.topfree2014-2



street_shazamEven on the streets of downtown Honolulu, a little old lady can call upon the Power of Shazam.

But she is not our only local superhero. For years we have had a film festival called “Claxtonfest,” which has taken root among many local filmmakers.

But we need stories.  Jackie Claxton has appeared in fan art, in several indie features and a stage play. It’s about a girl named Jackie who is chosen by the angel Scylencia to save the souls of troubled human beings, and she has the power of teleportation.

There is a myriad of supporting characters such as demons and their chosen, particularly Cadence Sorenson, Jackie’s nemesis. There are Renegade Angels, Furies and Minions.

All of which are readily available as Jackie Claxton is an open source character. So filmmakers all over the world are invited to compete this year for Claxtonfest 2016.  For more info email

And no, the little old lady above will not be available for filming. She’s just a born again Christian who likes to dress in the colors of Shazam.




Click here to view the trailer!

Micky’s Summer Resort” is a full length feature film written and co-directed byT. L. Young.  The film is its final days of production and post-production has begun in order to prepare a rough-cut.  Plans for promotional tours are under way as this film has attracted the attention of naturist gatherings across the country.

Produced by Pacific Invasion, Director T. L. Young, is dedicated to bridging the gap between Hollywood and Hawaii.  Partnered with Clinton Wallace of Photomundo, International, who has worked in the film industry in Los Angeles for many years, our contacts reach far and wide, dedicated to producing quality films under budget.


Micky Littleton is one of four teens who hang out at a clothing optional resort.  Hired as the screener, he is responsible for “screening out” undesirable clientele.  But the main conflicts to what he perceives as this idyllic lifestyle don’t necessarily come from the outside.


Hollywood films have traditionally portrayed naturists as comic relief, the bare butt of many jokes.  Very few people are aware of what it’s really like to vacation in this type of park or resort.  To the outside world, the simple logline, “teenagers in a naturist resort” conjures up images of sexploitation teen comedies of the 1980s. The reality is far from the public perception.

This film is a comedy with science fiction elements that pulls no punches in lampooning the public perception of the nudist lifestyle.

Naked People in Paradise

This story is featured in the book, “American Nudist: The Lost Journal

Click the above.

What is “Naked People in Paradise?”

It began as a short story based on real life facts.  It was the turn of the century, New Year’s Eve in the year 2000. A family naturist club I call the Miliani Naturists was going strong and there was one family who stood out in particular. The Deerdales had two teenage daughters.  The oldest was sixteen who’d told me in an interview that she went topless in the sauna, but never went back to their monthly “naked parties.”  She gave me the, “I’m too busy” excuse, but the truth is, she had no peers there.

And of course being in my thirties back then, neither did I.

But the youngest girl I call Kelly just turned 12 and had a blast. I couldn’t keep up with her. We’d race in the swimming pool and by the time I got half way across, she’d be at the other end. She spent a lot of time with the college boys who were more than a match for her. The other girls in the club didn’t like her at all. She was too bossy, they said.

So here was this happy girl who would make the perfect muse for a nudist film or novel. She was healthy, athletic in other words, the perfect role model for nudist children.

Or so I thought.  A few months later, it turns out my cousin was her classmate. My cousin was very naive but honest kid and he told me that Kelly’s behavior at school was absolutely atrocious. She would burst into the boys’ restrooms to peep, flashing in public and talk about going to naked parties.  She even once took a guy into a room and “fingerfucked” with him.

Needless to say, I was shocked, and I should have reported it right then and there.

But I didn’t.

When I asked friends and former club members for advice, I was stifled. They told me it wasn’t my business but most of all they reminded me I was a virgin. (at that time).

I came across sounding like a jealous boyfriend. And they were right. If I had tried to report it, I would only be dismissed as some weirdo who was jealous of a young girls’ sex life.  She wasn’t being abused, that much was clear. She made her own decisions: I witnessed this myself.  Though I don’t condone her behavior, I was largely silenced, and with good reason.

But as a male virgin with no credibility, it would be too risky for me to say anything. If Kelly had accused me of being jealous of her, I would be the one in trouble, not her. And the guys she hung around with. Circumstantial.

Later on, I would find out that Kelly’s mom took her out of the club and got custody of her. So that ended that. And that’s how it should be. Happy ending for all, except for me. I was exposed as the schmuck who nearly ruined it all and made matters worse.  Jealousy is a difficult emotion.  You are frozen and locked into a pattern of bad judgment. And I’m glad I didn’t fall into that trap.

I made a film about the experience called, “Kelly Deerdale, Naturist” but I don’t think I captured the angst and the jealousy; it wasn’t shown only told. I wish I could remake it, but it’s best to let the past stay in the past.

I believe Kelly’s story is typical of any nudist club that makes no effort to educate their young. She needed a peer group to intervene, not just some anti-nudist parent. It’s no secret that most nudist kids who are raised in the lifestyle never return, because they realize the Emperor has no clothes. It’s all theory but in practice, all they ever hear are empty promises of good times with your fellow nudist peers who don’t actually exist. And it doesn’t stop in childhood.

Many of use 80s kids continue to be naturists but meet so few members our age. It’s gotten better over time, of course, but only because I traveled. Had I continued writing nudist stories based on my limited experience in Hawaii, it would have been very depressing. I’m glad that I did experience life outside the Mililani Naturists and can safely say, they really sucked ass.