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Tony Young (T. L. Young) graduated from the University of Hawaii. He won the 1995 Kumu Kahua Playwriting Award for Division One, One Acts. He is working on a series of naturist videos. Tony is also the co-writer, producer and host of the InArtMedia Original Interview Series and Shows which produces original content of interviews and event happenings as an "Arts and Entertainment News Network" online.

The theme of my next nudist film

In a very real way, “The Photographer” is a spiritual journey of an artist being rewarded for keeping his life on the straight and narrow.

Here, nudism symbolizes morality, a pathway to the Lord. And only by keeping oneself on this moral path can one achieve salvation, or in this case, happiness.

Chris Amberwood has had a successful life. He has had his fill of hedonism and tries his hardest to live a moral life. But even in naturism, that life is fraught with temptation. Good intentions can often lead to destruction and moral degradation.

Jenny, new to the nudist lifestyle, is the source of that temptation. Feeling the breath of freedom for the first time in her repressed life, she goes too far and veers off into the wrong direction. Though she becomes the artist’s muse, she is also leading herself and the artist, Christopher, into the wrong types of parties that have co-opted and exploited the nudist philosophy for years. And it’s up to Chris to hold on to his morality.

Naturism is meant to be wholesome, but in America, too many clubs and resorts have sold out or looked the other way when swingers and fetishists become members. So what happens then? Is it possible to hold on to one’s faith? Is it possible to live a moral life, in tune with the original philosophy of bonding with the natural world? Or are we doomed to be prisoners of our hedonistic desires.

It’s a conundrum facing many modern day naturists, and one I’m happy to explore in my film. Plans are being made to start filming in August, 2021. Hope you join us for the premiere.

The Last Days of Donald Trump

Donald Trump lay in his coffin today as the last strains of Coronavirus ate away at his intestines. He vomited twice, then unleashed a tidal wave of diarrhea not seen since his State of the Union Address, then he slumped over directly into a casket waiting for him while throngs of Jesus freaks lifted him toward the altar of the Crystal Cathedral in Orange County because O.C. citizens are the only shitforbrains dumb enough to host this funeral.

Donald’s obese gut jutted out of the casket opening stark naked and covered in body hair infested with fifty species of lice and maggots, but it didn’t stop Melania and Ivanka from rushing the altar, stripping off their clothing and dunking their heads into the vast abyss that is his crotch. And while they were slurping up the remnants of rotting Republican dick, Melania lifted her empty head and smiled.

This must be how it felt on the first Christmas Eve when the Prince of Darkness devoured the Baby Jesus, she thought. Then the streams of urine flowed into the casket, as we know Trump urine is flammable. Young Ivanka lit a match and Donny went up in flames.

And First Daughter rose from the ashes, sacrificing Jared Kushner for no particular reason other than being a massive douchebag.

And the choir sang his praises, groping for words to describe the Republican victories of the past four years. “Yes, we have replaced them.”

And the earth opened up, and swallowed the Crystal Cathedral. And their brand of white male worshiping Christianity died with them.

The Seven Deadly Sins in Shazam!

Shazam was a great movie. An instant classic, and by far the best film this year featuring a superhero named Captain Marvel

Okay, that was a cheap shot,  but Captain Mary Sue deserved it.

But I’m not here to trash Marvel. I write this blog to discuss a theme I noticed in the film that never got completely explored, at least not in great detail but it’s there.

It was how Billy Batson faced his own version of the Seven Deadly Sins, not the demons but the temptation himself.

Pride. Vanity naturally comes into play when Billy becomes a hero and starts busking. So proud of his abilities he accidentally sends a school bus over a bridge. And after saving it, he brags in front of the news cameras, but it’s Freddy who brings him down to earth, reminding him he caused the accident in the first place.

Gluttony. Shazam buys beer because he can, and pays the price when he drinks it. He still has the taste buds and tolerance level of a 15 year old. So he indulges in candy with Freddy instead. Not a huge sin, but obviously one that he doesn’t continue indulging in.

Lust. It was obvious when I saw it. The strip club represented the forbidden fruit, and does Billy indulge in it. A little. See Greed below. He does rob an ATM machine with the intent on spending it on seeing naked girls. But does he? We don’t really find out. From the actors, it looked like they weren’t going to go though with it. Perhaps there should have been a followup scene like in the comics where the wisdom of Solomon tells them it’s wrong, or at least unhealthy. Mary later calls him on it, so he does get chastised. This is something they could have explored if they had more time, and if censorship laws didn’t get in the way, so it was handled all right.

Anger . Billy deals with anger in a very mature way. This is a “sin” that follows him throughout, When fighting Sivana, this was brought out more and more, but never too much. He’s not the Hulk, after all. Interestingly enough, he’s not even angry enough at the school bullies to really hurt them. This was a bit inconsistent. After all, if the school bullies were vicious enough to beat up a crippled boy in their first confrontation, why did they settle for giving him a wedgie in the second?

Freddy even accuses Billly of being a bully. Perhaps this could have been brought out more. But I have no complaints.

Greed. Some of this was seen in Billy’s stealing from the ATM machine, but greed was never part of his motivation. This sin was defeated and he obviously never indulges in it again, since he’s seen working for the money later, rather than just stealing it.

Sloth. This one doesn’t apply. Though Billy does stop patrolling and stopping crime. Batman he’s not, until he gets a real threat like Sivana.

And finally, the big one: Envy. This was Sivana’s motivation. In a way, Billy has envy himself. He envies the other children because they are a happy family. But he shuts them out until he realizes that they’ve become a real family to him. Perhaps he sees that when he calls out Sivana on his feelings of envy. And he realizes that’s the sin that is empowering him.

Though it’s very subtle, the theme of seven sins is there. And this extra texture of this film is what made it great.

This is why I believe this film will be an instant classic to be rewatched for years to come.

To Spill Blood

What does it feel like to kill?

I can only imagine it must feel amazing. The rush of pure pleasure, of supreme ecstacy when you carve that knife into heart and pluck it out like an overripe melon.

And the feeling of pure joy as you shove that bloody heart down his throat, knowing his muffled screams are caused by you. It puts a smile on my face, to be sure.

To cut off the ear of some annoying asshole who pushed you just a little too far, and as you pull out each tooth out of his mouth and shove it up the asshole that he embodies.

Yeah, it feels like my hands belong around his neck as I force his last breath out of his lungs, and the rush of happiness as I saw off his every limp, his arms and legs and boil it down to serve to all of that whore he calls Mother.

I feel the joy of watching his loved ones eat the meat of his rotting carcass and I laugh. Because giving you pain makes me happy.

This poem is just a first draft. I feel it’s a little repetitious but I’m open to suggestions. Somehow it was a lot longer in my mind.

New trailer for “Micky’s Summer Resort”

Micky’s Summer Resort, coming soon

This new trailer just dropped for my feature film, “Micky’s Summer Resort.”

Though I’ve written several films for Cineridge and produced my own shorts, this film began production in 2007, so it’s very much my first feature.

It makes a statement about the themes of hypocrisy and paranoia and after touring the festival circuits we are looking to secure distribution.


More on this soon.

Incels and the Friend Zone

I share this video Jackie Claxton and the Friendzone Demon because involuntary celibacy was a major theme in every poem, stage play and screenplay I ever wrote between 1994 to 2007. One play even won me a Kumu Kahua award. It’s in my for hire work, like “Soap Girl” and even “American Nudist” but because of production interference, no one ever knew.

But NOWHERE have I ever blamed women for causing the violence that has been enacted upon them. This is an important issue, and the points of views of these “Incels” need to be intelligently discussed.

I’m reminded of my script notes to a play I pitched to Late Night Theater at UHM. (Notes were not submitted) “There comes a time when a boy matures and realizes he isn’t the patient romantic he imagined himself to be.” These incels need to come to that realization.

That being said, Jackie Claxton poses a different question.

What if an Incel used supernatural means to enact his revenge? Is he responsible? Jackie Claxton must make a choice. Smug about the use of “Claxton Force” she uses to dispatch demons and Furies, would she be so nonchalant if she were to use her power to kill a human who sold his soul to those same Furies?

Watch this short film to find out!

Hawaii Superhero gets a darker treatment!

Click here for the trailer.

My take on Jackie Claxton takes the local superhero into darker territory where the stakes are higher. What price does she pay when she wishes for a normal life? Can she use lethal force to deal with a non-demonic entity? And how are the Five Furies involved. Find out in jackie Claxton: Dark Universe on Olelo ch. 53 or this link:

Nudist films on Amazon Prime

My short film, “Kelly Deerdale:Naturist” has been retitled, “Kelly Deerdale: A Nudist Story” is now available on Amazon Prime. But here’s some inside info.

This film will later be compiled in a nudist film set which will include many nudist classics like “Elysia, Valley of the Nude,” “Garden of Eden” and “Unashamed.”

Admittedly many of these films had to be re-edited to pass censorship on Amazon, but the rules are not clearly defined. Some films are uncut, and some have just the bare bones cropped out . . . okay not literally.

But here’s the deal. If enough curious nudists watch these films, then there is a chance for a demand to upload them uncensored, AND WITH BETTER COVER MODELS.

Due to my own budget restraints, my own poster is lost on a broken hard drive I can’t afford to retreive. And though I have access to models, I will have to coordinate photo shoots with hair and makeup. The advantage is I have the beautiful backdrop of Hawaii to simulate the resorts and look of the films that we are presenting.

So without further ado, please watch or re-watch “Kelly Deerdale: A Nudist Story” and post a review on Amazon or Click on the link below.

Kelly Deerdale, A Nudist Story–a short film