The theme of my next nudist film

In a very real way, “The Photographer” is a spiritual journey of an artist being rewarded for keeping his life on the straight and narrow.

Here, nudism symbolizes morality, a pathway to the Lord. And only by keeping oneself on this moral path can one achieve salvation, or in this case, happiness.

Chris Amberwood has had a successful life. He has had his fill of hedonism and tries his hardest to live a moral life. But even in naturism, that life is fraught with temptation. Good intentions can often lead to destruction and moral degradation.

Jenny, new to the nudist lifestyle, is the source of that temptation. Feeling the breath of freedom for the first time in her repressed life, she goes too far and veers off into the wrong direction. Though she becomes the artist’s muse, she is also leading herself and the artist, Christopher, into the wrong types of parties that have co-opted and exploited the nudist philosophy for years. And it’s up to Chris to hold on to his morality.

Naturism is meant to be wholesome, but in America, too many clubs and resorts have sold out or looked the other way when swingers and fetishists become members. So what happens then? Is it possible to hold on to one’s faith? Is it possible to live a moral life, in tune with the original philosophy of bonding with the natural world? Or are we doomed to be prisoners of our hedonistic desires.

It’s a conundrum facing many modern day naturists, and one I’m happy to explore in my film. Plans are being made to start filming in August, 2021. Hope you join us for the premiere.

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