To Spill Blood

What does it feel like to kill?

I can only imagine it must feel amazing. The rush of pure pleasure, of supreme ecstacy when you carve that knife into heart and pluck it out like an overripe melon.

And the feeling of pure joy as you shove that bloody heart down his throat, knowing his muffled screams are caused by you. It puts a smile on my face, to be sure.

To cut off the ear of some annoying asshole who pushed you just a little too far, and as you pull out each tooth out of his mouth and shove it up the asshole that he embodies.

Yeah, it feels like my hands belong around his neck as I force his last breath out of his lungs, and the rush of happiness as I saw off his every limp, his arms and legs and boil it down to serve to all of that whore he calls Mother.

I feel the joy of watching his loved ones eat the meat of his rotting carcass and I laugh. Because giving you pain makes me happy.

This poem is just a first draft. I feel it’s a little repetitious but I’m open to suggestions. Somehow it was a lot longer in my mind.

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