Incels and the Friend Zone

I share this video Jackie Claxton and the Friendzone Demon because involuntary celibacy was a major theme in every poem, stage play and screenplay I ever wrote between 1994 to 2007. One play even won me a Kumu Kahua award. It’s in my for hire work, like “Soap Girl” and even “American Nudist” but because of production interference, no one ever knew.

But NOWHERE have I ever blamed women for causing the violence that has been enacted upon them. This is an important issue, and the points of views of these “Incels” need to be intelligently discussed.

I’m reminded of my script notes to a play I pitched to Late Night Theater at UHM. (Notes were not submitted) “There comes a time when a boy matures and realizes he isn’t the patient romantic he imagined himself to be.” These incels need to come to that realization.

That being said, Jackie Claxton poses a different question.

What if an Incel used supernatural means to enact his revenge? Is he responsible? Jackie Claxton must make a choice. Smug about the use of “Claxton Force” she uses to dispatch demons and Furies, would she be so nonchalant if she were to use her power to kill a human who sold his soul to those same Furies?

Watch this short film to find out!

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