Nudist films on Amazon Prime

My short film, “Kelly Deerdale:Naturist” has been retitled, “Kelly Deerdale: A Nudist Story” is now available on Amazon Prime. But here’s some inside info.

This film will later be compiled in a nudist film set which will include many nudist classics like “Elysia, Valley of the Nude,” “Garden of Eden” and “Unashamed.”

Admittedly many of these films had to be re-edited to pass censorship on Amazon, but the rules are not clearly defined. Some films are uncut, and some have just the bare bones cropped out . . . okay not literally.

But here’s the deal. If enough curious nudists watch these films, then there is a chance for a demand to upload them uncensored, AND WITH BETTER COVER MODELS.

Due to my own budget restraints, my own poster is lost on a broken hard drive I can’t afford to retreive. And though I have access to models, I will have to coordinate photo shoots with hair and makeup. The advantage is I have the beautiful backdrop of Hawaii to simulate the resorts and look of the films that we are presenting.

So without further ado, please watch or re-watch “Kelly Deerdale: A Nudist Story” and post a review on Amazon or Click on the link below.

Kelly Deerdale, A Nudist Story–a short film

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