Naturism is alive and well in Hawaii!

Pictured above are 1000 words on our club.

The Oahu Sun Club admittedly is not a family club but it promotes non-sexual naturism, pool parties and an annual cruise.

Personally, I’ve not met enough naturist families to justify a family nudist club, but there are some individuals interested in promoting such events. The community being what it is, may disagree. Is there anyone out here willing to take that chance? I don’t know. I admit I do miss the family environment.

Going on this cruise was very enlightening for me. I’ve seen skinnydippers along the beach before, but this was the first time with so many people. Most nude beaches I’ve been to have a small population, mostly older Caucasian men. Not so with this club. And the diversity was beautiful. It just occurred to me, I hadn’t really experienced it like this before, and my life is all the richer for it.Oahu Sun Club

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