Adventures with the Sun Club

Being a naturist in Hawaii in the 21st century, I have experienced  a complete turnaround in my nudist attifude, because of one single factor.

There are girls here.

Give you a little bit of history. I used to run a nudist club called the Hawaii Skinnydippers in the 90s. Since then, I’ve been to Lupin, Laguna Del Sol, Terra Cotta, Glen Eden and Olive Dell. But those latter resorts were only a few day visits. And in my local clubs, I was the youngest male with only three other female members all over the age of 50. So I gave it up for a long time, because I simply didn’t belong there socially.

Until only recently, let’s say the past five years, I’ve maybe met about 7 female nudists between the ages of 18 and 25.  I’ve brought a date to naked parties twice. But since most female nudists are in regular office or retail jobs, not too many artists like myself, I never had much in common with them. So I never dated a nudist.

Then the Oahu Sun Club happened. The OAS is an 18+ club that hosts naked parties for adults only. Some nudists don’t agree with that, and have even refused to meet with me once they find out I attend their parties.

Their loss. At his club, I was surrounded by beautiful, artist/entreprenuerial types for the first time. It wasn’t difficult to adjust at first. Yes, we are expected to be respectful, and I always am. And the first couple of years, most of the girls there were simply too young for me.

Then, the crowd started to grow through the years, and so did the amount of  “beautiful people,” and by beautiful, I mean inside and out. And some were artists, actors, singers, show biz folks like myself. There were also entrepreneurs, self starters, the kind of people I admire.

But I’m basically a shy person, so I hold back a lot. I’m always respectful, always ask for consent before a simple hug. Though now, there’s an added layer of attraction. Of excitement, both physically and emotionally. And I didn’t know how to deal with these feelings, as it could get overwhelming.

It got me thinking, would things have been different if I were much younger, surrounded by beautiful nude women? My code of behavior wouldn’t change, but my feelings would be even stronger, and I’d be fighting back raging hormones and all kinds of conflicting emotions. I mean, I would be attracted to a naked girl’s body but not her personality? How do I deal with that?

The sad thing is, I’ve never had to until now, when I’m in my 40s. I’ve never been physically attracted to a nudist woman until the Sun Club. So this is a new dynamic I need to explore within myself. After all, this is an era of enlightened attitudes toward dating.

How do young nudist men deal with feelings.

And then I asked the millenial nudists their take on family naturism with all this in mind. Can these young men and women handle being around naturist children as well.

Some told me yes, but by and large many told me no. Many of these millennial nudists weren’t crazy about the idea of family naturism. And though I’ve been told the Sun Club is 18+ only for liability reasons, the truth is, every nudist in Hawaii is running scared of the idea of a family naturist club. We’re just too chicken to put it out there.

Nudists outside of Hawaii have told me that teen naturists are indoctrinated and trained to be respectful, and every single one of them told me that as teens they were left alone with another boy or girl, and nothing inappropriate ever happened.

Is this generation any different? I don’t know for sure, but from what I’ve observed at Olive Dell, the kids stick to their own crowd and any interactions with adults is very respectful. They may tease, but children and teens are well protected. And though there will be one or two troublemakers, they are quickly dealt with. I’ve heard of at least one girl who was banned at age 18, so there’s no free pass just cuz you’re some hormonal teen.

Given these factors, can we have a family naturist club in Hawaii, or do we stick to the adults only clubs which takes the teenage boy/girl factor out of the equation?

I hope Hawaii does produce a nudist entrepreneur willing to tackle this issue.


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