Jackie Claxton: ClaxtonFest

ClaxtonFest is a  Hawaii-based Transmedia Festival showcasing stories of a girl and her power of teleportation that fights evil forces and saves souls.

Created by Jeff Katts, “Jackie Claxton” is an open source character and filmmakers are invited every year to do their own take on the character.

The basic premise is the Jackie Claxton is a normal young woman (or teenage girl when she begins her career), chosen by the Archangel Scylencia to assist souls in need. She and her compadres Jalynn and Melinda are known as “Inciters.”

On the other end of the spectrum are the demonic “Inducers,” led by Cadence Sorenson and the demoness Helyssia. Adding more mayhem to the mix are the Five Furies, tricksters and/or succubi depending on the storyteller.

In “The Friendzone Demon,” Tyler Chang conjures the Fury Catolyn in order to share the pain he felt from all the women in his life putting him in the “friendzone.”

In an early draft, Chang compares the “Friend Zone” to the fictional “Phantom Zone” from Superman comics.

One is a endless void of infinite pain and suffering, cut off from the physical world and immersed in a gutwrenching, soulless journey into oblivion. The other is a fictional creation in a comic book.

Unbeknownst to him, sharing the pain of his “friendzone” has tragic consequences. All of his female friends end up killing their boyfriends in mid-coitus, then cutting off either their fingers or toes and shoving them up their asses.

Did Chang know this would happen? Does he care?

Like all men, he very likely did not. Men are extremely self-absorbed in their pursuit of intimacy, and often the pursuit of love masked as the pursuit of hot sex, of what they imagine a fantastic active sex life to be, because they see it from the outside. They have seen their friends grow and evolve as a result of their sexually active lives, and they can see the stagnation in their own sexless existence.

So should he blamed for his feelings? I think not.

It’s perfectly normal to feel anger, to feel rage, and when one finally acknowledges it’s their own inadequacies that prevent them from achieving their goals, it’s normal to want to lash out in anger.

But should he be blamed for his actions, even if he didn’t directly kill anyone?


That is a judgment an inducer like Jackie Claxton must make in this short film. But what does it mean to lose one’s soul? When one is beyond redemption?

ClaxtonFest plays on:

Thursday, September 29th, 2016
Ward Consolidated Theatre

Click this link to see a trailer for this short film.

7:00pm screening only
$15.00 admission / $12.00 (17 & under
Tickets are sold at the door
No pre-sale tickets

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