street_shazamEven on the streets of downtown Honolulu, a little old lady can call upon the Power of Shazam.

But she is not our only local superhero. For years we have had a film festival called “Claxtonfest,” which has taken root among many local filmmakers.

But we need stories.  Jackie Claxton has appeared in fan art, in several indie features and a stage play. It’s about a girl named Jackie who is chosen by the angel Scylencia to save the souls of troubled human beings, and she has the power of teleportation.

There is a myriad of supporting characters such as demons and their chosen, particularly Cadence Sorenson, Jackie’s nemesis. There are Renegade Angels, Furies and Minions.

All of which are readily available as Jackie Claxton is an open source character. So filmmakers all over the world are invited to compete this year for Claxtonfest 2016.  For more info email

And no, the little old lady above will not be available for filming. She’s just a born again Christian who likes to dress in the colors of Shazam.


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