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Micky’s Summer Resort” is a full length feature film written and co-directed byT. L. Young.  The film is its final days of production and post-production has begun in order to prepare a rough-cut.  Plans for promotional tours are under way as this film has attracted the attention of naturist gatherings across the country.

Produced by Pacific Invasion, Director T. L. Young, is dedicated to bridging the gap between Hollywood and Hawaii.  Partnered with Clinton Wallace of Photomundo, International, who has worked in the film industry in Los Angeles for many years, our contacts reach far and wide, dedicated to producing quality films under budget.


Micky Littleton is one of four teens who hang out at a clothing optional resort.  Hired as the screener, he is responsible for “screening out” undesirable clientele.  But the main conflicts to what he perceives as this idyllic lifestyle don’t necessarily come from the outside.


Hollywood films have traditionally portrayed naturists as comic relief, the bare butt of many jokes.  Very few people are aware of what it’s really like to vacation in this type of park or resort.  To the outside world, the simple logline, “teenagers in a naturist resort” conjures up images of sexploitation teen comedies of the 1980s. The reality is far from the public perception.

This film is a comedy with science fiction elements that pulls no punches in lampooning the public perception of the nudist lifestyle.

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