Casting for a Pageant Scene

Click here to see the clip

Casting the right actress to pull off the role of a potential pageant girl is crucial in any independent film. It helps to have friends who have worked with prominent directors such as James Wan (“Saw.”)

But sometimes you have to put her side by side with a girl who just isn’t right for the part. Case in point. Arielle Brachfeld sets the tone for the pageant perfectly.  Young, snarky, a bit clueless, a millenial stripper-type who thinks she’s just signed up for an adults only event.  Through Arielle has never personally been to such an event, she understood the scene.

The other actress on the other hand has been an active nudist and nude model. And nothing against her. She just isn’t a pageant girl, and as a result, her joke doesn’t really hit the mark.

Such is the problem of independent filmmaking as any hot model could have killed with that line. But on a low budget, hot model types are often unaffordable. Lina Shay fits the bill perfectly as the neurotic stage manager Kayli, and in a related clip, Paula Labaredas tells a questionable story about her friend, “Paris.”

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