Audrey Beach mat Brittney - Lana Lane Cemetery_Prime Dollyshot-2 Evil Trio Family Prime jackie-PRIME Jackies-redball1 YAN-JC STILL - cropped

Working on an independent film short is never easy, but there’s a distinct advantage to filming in Hawaii. Even on a low budget, you can count on the cooperation of the cast and crew, the Aloha Spirit.

This film would not have been possible without the kokua of all those involved, so I thank you all: Yan, Sinai, Teri, Chance, Frank, R.J., Keoni, Bob, Trevor, Tiffany, Randall, Garett, Dr. Dan, Chris, Lymari, Brittney and Christine.

Jackie Claxton is a local superhero. We need more of them. This is a franchise that grew out of Hawaii and has the best potential to thrive in the transmedia format. But we cannot stop with a festival of short films. We need to get the attention of the mainland, and this can only be done with more content from other filmmakers based in Los Angeles, New York, Louisiana, Georgia and more.

With the graphic novel becoming the staple of Hollywood blockbusters, this literary/art form has shown the world how versatile it can be, and the nature of storytelling in this medium has grown and evolved. It’s time to bring that style of storytelling to “Jackie Claxton” and hopefully we will see the making of a big budget feature film.

My film, “Jackie Claxton: Greener Pastures” posits the question: What if Jackie, the Soul Savior were to give up her powers in order to live a normal life?  What would be at stake for her? What’s the price she would have to pay?

Claxtonfest will be held at Ward Stadium Theaters on Thursday, Sept. 24. Tickets are available at the door. Do not cal the Box Office as there are no pre-sales.

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