Topfree equality, October 2014

“Excuse me, are you all from this country?”

This is what some busybody young woman said to us when we were simply enjoying topfree swim and picnic. Keep in mind this is after the cops talked to us. They were aware of Tess Meier’s annual campaign in Waikiki, but we weren’t affiliated. We were a group of friends simply having a picnic, not some group trying to make a statement, despite the FB page. This is the way topfree should be. Just natural and normal. In other words, a day at the beach.

We didn’t bother anyone and had some good feedback as well. In fact, two women (both originally from the mainland) joined our group on FB, though they didn’t take their tops off.

However, the Puritans of Hawaii don’t see it that way. This woman was clearly offended and accused the of “getting their jollies” by walking around half naked in front of all these children.

But I for one am sick and tired of making the same clothes-freedom/naturist arguments that I have made for over twenty years. My colleague told me it’s important to keep making the statements, but frankly I just hope one day these morons will just leave us the hell alone.

Topfree-October topfree1-kt topfree-lln topfree-lln2

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