Ann Coulter OWNS nudists on Michelle Malkin Live!

Calling it a Godless Religion, these over the hill hippies even created their own bible, entitled the “Nude Beach Etiquette.”  With rituals like Burning Man, who is to say this batshit crazy bitch doesn’t have a point, even if it is on the top of her head.

This scene is an excerpt from my upcoming feature film, “Micky’s Summer Resort.”  Filmed in 2008, production proceeded very slowly due to lack of funds. Surprisingly the premise of a nudist resort suffering from lack of young members slowly became outdated with the rise of at least two nationwide nudist groups, communicating mostly on social media. The naturist world changed rapidly but this film still packs a comedic punch.

Click on the link below to watch the clip:

Michelle Mannikin Live! with Ann Colder, an excerpt from Micky’s Summer Resort, a feature film.


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