What is the Hawaii Film Community?

As far as Hollywood is concerned, Hawaii is a backwater town populated with untalented actors and talentless filmmakers.

They aren’t far from the truth. Many an actor and writer have moved back home from Hollywood with their tails between their legs, pursuing a career that has cost them money, and refusing to give up because to do so would cement their failure.

But persevere, we do, Because the Hawaii film community are the ones that need to step up. If we had a stronger talent pool, perhaps we would have made it further in Hollywood. Who knows?

But what we can control in our home town are our resources.

Why do we not have 100s of Youtube videos and webseries? I’ve only noticed a few here and there.

Why not start a filming studio/acting studio space instead of relying on a skype seession led by an acting coach who can no longer afford to live in the islands.

Why not take it upon ourselves to fund our own projects?

This is the goal of Pacific Invasion Media this year. We have access to spaces in Chinatown and are looking for support in terms of publicity and marketing.

And soon we will be needing actors as well.

Drop me a line some time for more information.


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