Pacific Invasion is launching its Interview Series


Pacific Invasion’s Interview Series Needs YOUR support!

Pacific Invasion Media,has already contributed to a feature film, “American Nudist” with a tie-in book “The Lost Journal” and an upcoming feature film, “Micky’s Summer Resort.”

But in order to make a presence in Hawaii, we are launching a crowdfunding campaign sponsored by Fractured Atlas.  This interview series will focus on Hawaiian artists in Hollywood and mainland artists in Hawaii.  And there’s plenty of local talent being featured as well.

Make a donation today!



Since returning to Hawaii, I have met a buttload of local talent from kids rock bands to burlesque dancers.  But on his island, we are small fishes in a smaller pond.  Not everyone can play the Hilton Hawaiian Village, but we have a buttload of talent on the stages of the Republik, Hawaiian Brian’s, the Venue, Mark’s Garage, Loading Zone, just to name a few.

Check out the photos on this page and feel free to search for the videos.  A few of these artists have appeared on local talk shows, but online media can get them a bigger audience, and you can help!

Log onto our campaign site and make a donation today!ImageDue to technical difficulties with Indiegogo, donations can best be made here instead.


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